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Achieve Measurable Results with Lean Solution®

Lean Solutions Institute, Inc. (LSI) provides consulting and training to help organizations achieve measurable improvement in quality, performance, productivity, and ROI.  As a specialist in lean improvement, LSI will help your organization improve and prepare your organization for quality awards, appraisals, and certifications such as:
Lean (e.g., Shingo Prize)
Six Sigma
LSI integrates these quality models for clients in a lean and seamless approach.

LSI specializes in Lean Solutions® for clients. For example, LSI has a patent pending approach for designing lean processes. LSI has taken 1,000 page processes and “leaned” them to 250 pages without losing any information (while making them more visual, more usable, and shorter). LSI’s leading edge approach also scales up to complex processes (most quality and lean approaches do not scale up). Additional Lean Solutions® include lean processes that can be tailored to your organization (e.g., Baldrige compliant processes, CMMI® compliant processes, etc).

“Lean” was born in manufacturing, and there have been multi-million dollar failures when organizations have tried to apply lean in industries outside of manufacturing. LSI is a leader in applying “Lean” outside of manufacturing in industries such as business, engineering, finance, government, government contractors, medical, service, and technology.



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